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    How to increase traffic on your site

    Get More Traffic On Your Website

    1)  Expand the semantic core

    Do not focus only on high-frequency queries. Most sites, especially those that are starting to compete with the leaders of their niche, receive most of the traffic from medium and low frequency queries. Think over the structure of the site in advance and start working with texts on the principle of “one key = one article”.

    2)  Select keys that are relevant to the interests of the target audience

    For example, you sell plastic windows. And two queries hit your kernel. The first: "second-hand plastic windows" and the second "order repair of plastic windows." What do you think, which one to leave so that a warm potential customer is ready to make an order?

    How to increase traffic to the site using content marketing?

    3) Blog

    Publish articles that will be not only interesting, but also easy to read, choose a readable font, highlight subheadings, separate text with paragraphs, insert quotes and insets.

    4)  A good blog - a regular blog

    The optimal frequency of publications is twice a week. Sometimes the results have to wait longer than one to two months. The main thing is not to give up and not to slow down. Blogging requires a solid investment of time and effort. Accept this fact and your efforts are guaranteed to pay off.

     5)  Observe the release time of materials

    Over time, the blog will have a permanent audience. And it’s very good if she has the habit of regularly reading new materials. For example, at 16.00 on Wednesdays and Fridays.

    6) Release materials unique in meaning

    This is the key to the popularity of your blog. Think about how many people want to read the article “How to choose a window installation company?” If 133 companies have already written it. Maybe it makes sense to spend a little more time and write an article on the topic: "How to convert two-chamber plastic windows into energy-efficient." With each new text, add some unique, valuable information to the Internet.

     7)  Create viral content

    Detailed cases, various cheat sheets, infographics, check lists and article lists with numbers in the heading work great. For example, pay attention to the title of this article.

    8)  Follow the rules for writing articles

    Must have: a powerful, attractive title, a must-have lead with intrigue, high-quality pictures with up-to-date signatures and insets where important facts should be highlighted.

     9 ) cause an emotional response

    Blogging about plastic windows? Explore your audience. Find out what problems people face. Believe me, they are not only interested in quality and timely delivery. There are problems on the topic of the day: loose fittings, foggy glass or mold on the slopes. Write how to get rid of one of these problems and look at the reaction of the blog readers.

    10)  Publish ratings

    In the case of windows, the theme may be: “TOP-5 manufacturers of energy-efficient double-glazed windows according to the version of your site.” If you are selling products of the same brand, TOP-5 types of windows for apartments in noisy areas. Even if a potential buyer lives in a relatively quiet area, an article with this headline will definitely interest him.

    11) Work with experts

    The expert’s unique opinion in the article adds value to the content. A full-fledged interview on a relevant topic often leads a record number of readers to the site.

    12 ) Make a selection of popular posts

    Select only bomb materials that have proven themselves in their native resources. Add some explanatory comments. Reposts and likes will raise the site’s behavioral indicators.

     13)  Post answers to interesting posts

    Find a post or article that sparked a heated discussion in the comments. Write your point of view on the question, and try to make the author of the post notice your answer.

     14)  Research the market and publish the resultant

    Explore the market in affordable ways. Publish the results in white paper format - this is a small instruction book to solve a specific problem.

     15)  Publish different content

    Instructions, lists, reviews, entertainment posts, FAQs, interviews, presentations, news, cases, collections of photos and videos, ratings, comparisons, podcasts. The more diverse, the better.

     16)  Learn competitors

    See what content your niche leaders post. Make it better, more interesting than theirs. By the way, during such studies, original, worthwhile ideas often come to mind.

    17)  Expand the theme of the blog

    For example, if you have a blog about plastic windows, write a few articles about warming slopes, choosing blinds, curtains, curtains or tell interesting life hacks about using a window sill. Just don't make additional themes dominant. Stick to your main blog profile.

    18)  Announce interesting publications

    Find reputable sources in your niche and talk about the most interesting publications on your blog. Good news and popular posts on social networks stimulate traffic activity.

     19)  Use Google Alerts

    Subscribe to inquiries relevant to your market segment. New publications with the specified key phrases will come automatically.

     20)  Run the forum

    This is an effective way to lower your bounce rate and grow a community from the target audience relevant to your product or service.

     21)  Use guest posting

    Just forget the “links for links” tactic. Your goal is to increase your reach. Otherwise, the sanctions of search algorithms are not far.

    22)  Answer the questions

    Preferably in the services Mail.ru or "Questions and Answers" from Google. Be active if the question is about your topic. Help solve the problem and do it for free.

     23)  Comment

    Blogs and forums relevant to the topic of your product or service are desirable. It is important to do this under the real name and photo (or logo).

     24)  Social aggregators

    Try using Categoryoria or Flipboard. Save a lot of time searching for a news feed and increase the visual appeal of your content.

    25)  Collect reviews

    Yes, customers rarely give out letters of thanks themselves and record video reviews even less often. But for a small free service or discount, almost every customer will reconsider their views on this issue.

    Increase website traffic through social networks

    26)  Be everywhere

    Official pages in all popular social media are a must have for any business or self-employed person who provides online services.

     27)  Arm yourself with photo content

    Instagram and Pinterest will help increase sales of any visual goods from mobile phones to gardening equipment.

    28)  Business social networks

    Stumbleupon and LinkedIn are the most popular, though only so far abroad. But each of them is capable of firing at RuNet at any time. Remember, the explosion of Instagram popularity didn’t reach our edges right away.

    29)  Full announcements

    The material is published on your site. In the social network, you write a small introductory text, a seed, attach a photo, leave a link. And then a matter of technology.

    30)  Use the fruits of someone else's work

    Usually no one opposes quotes or statistics with reference to the author or organization that conducted the study. This is a great way to add value to your content and increase your interest in publishing.

    31)  The best thing is to fix

    Do you have a post that broke records on likes and reposts? Fasten it at the very top of the tape. This is a proven way to expand your reach.

     32)  CTA button on Facebook

    The call to action button Call To Action is available absolutely free of charge and no ads are needed for this.

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