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    Website from Scratch HTML and CSS for Beginners

    Exercise to practice building a web page from scratch using HTML CSS and JavaScript

    Want to build a single page website from scratch?
    Perfect quick course to practice skills like HTML and CSS using them to build out a fully functional website from scratch.
    • Scroll with nice background images and text on top
    • Learn how to build a navbar and style it
    • Add headers and footers to your page
    • Explore how to use placeholder content for rapid web development and design
    • Use JavaScript to add Scroll spy to your navbar
    • bring everything together to build a website from scratch
    Source code is included to get you started quickly
    Step by step instruction on how to build add HTML and Styles
    Taught by an instructor with many years of web development expereince
    Fast and friendly advice and help always available in the Q&A section
    Nothing to lose Build a website NOW!!!
    Join now and see what amazing things you can build online.


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