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    Simple Way To Hack Facebook Account

    Firecrack fire

    What is firecrack tools ? Firecrack tool is tool for testing and testing on websites or Facebook accounts, conducting
    testing on hundreds of Facebook accounts with random accounts and random wordlist, and there are
    for testing websites, such as admin finder and deface with file upload method, and Bing dorking
    to collect Many domains, Bing Dorking is useful if you are collecting a lot of domains.
    more tools: point_down

    firecrack features:
    1.hack facebook (random attack)
    2.bruteforce facebook (one account)
    3.admin finder
    4.bing dorking
    5.deface (file upload)

    camera Screenshot:

    1 2 3

    mag_right admin finder:


    page_with_curl bing dorking:


    game_die facebook hacking random attack:

    6 7

    globe_with_meridians deface:


    install and usage:

    • pkg install python2
    • pkg install git
    • git clone https://github.com/Ranginang67/Firecrack
    • cd Firecrack
    • pip2 install -r requirements.txt
    • python2 firecrack.py
    • help
    • apt-get install python
    • apt-get install python-pip
    • apt-get install git
    • git clone https://github.com/Ranginang67/Firecrack
    • cd Firecrack
    • pip install -r requirements.txt
    • python firecrack.py
    • help
    1.before use facebook random attack, edit file "nano module/wordlist.txt" and add your wordlist minim of 5 line
    2.before use firecrack deface, put your deface script one folder with firecrack.py


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