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    Cl0neMast3r - Find And Install Your Favorite Tools From Github Easier

    Cl0neMast3r is a Python script that was coded to make your life easier.
    Now you can easily choose your favorite tools from GitHub and install them on your system with one click.
    Even better you can ensure that you have latest version of your favorite tools.
    All this and more you can do with Clone master.

    Clone Master was mainly made for penetration testers and bug hunters wink


    macOS Check all Screenshots

    Cl0neMast3r provides you with a lot of options:

    Option Description
    A Add a tool from GitHub using URL
    F Find a tool on GitHub
    R Reinstall your tools
    U Update your tools
    S Display information about your favorite tools
    D Delete the list of tools
    M Import your favorite tools
    X Export your tools to HTML

    Python 2.7.*

    Requests You can find it Here
    How To Installpip install requests

    BeautifulSoup4 You can find it Here
    How To Installpip install beautifulsoup4


    git clone https://github.com/Abdulraheem30042/Cl0neMast3r.git
    cd Cl0neMast3r/
    pip install -r requirements.txt


    Doesn't support Windows right now :(
    Cl0neMast3r has been tested on:
    • macOS High Sierra
    • Kali Linux
    • Linux Mint


    Current version: 1.0
    You can check versions history from HereVIDEO

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