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    Don’t expect that you can hack whatever account you want! This is just the demonstration of how it works! For 100% work, you need deeper understanding of it!

    Yeah, you heard it right now this tutorial not gonna include hacking the database of Instagram or something very advanced.
    Hacking Instagram Accounts
    Yeah you heard it right now this tutorial not gonna include hacking the database of Instagram or something very advanced
    So let's start this
    So the first thing you need is Kali Linux or Parrot Sec os or any other Linux OS
    you can download parrot os from here https://parrotsec.org 3 and kali Linux from here kali.org
    and that's it
    Now let's start the guide
    So the first thing you need is a net connection and brain and yeah don't forget Linux any distro or flavour
    So let's start for the purpose of this tutorial i am gonna use the technique of brute force
    Brute force is the technique of trying random passwords against a single user from a pre-defined character set or more specifically we can say I am going to talk about a dictionary attack so dictionary attack is an attack in which the passwords are saved in a file from where we try these passwords on a single user
    1. Open Terminal

    2. apt update && apt ugrade -y

    3. apt-get install git
    {installing git to clone repo}

    4. apt-get install python
    {installing python }

    5. apt-get install python3
    {installing python3}

    6. cd Desktop
    {changing directory to desktop}

    7. git clone https://github.com/P…L0G1C/Instagram (https://github.com/Pure-L0G1C/Instagram)
    {This command will clone the GitHub repo}

    OK so after completion of 7th command we need to run

    8. chmod +x Instagram

    after that run

    cd Instagram

    Now run python instagram.py -h to get the help menu

    Now just simply enter this command

    python/2/3 instagram.py USERNAME OF VICTIM /Path_of_wordlist_file

    [wordlist file comes already by default in Linux or parrot just extract rockyou in /usr/share/wordlists and replace the path ]

    If the user's password is in rockyou than this gonna work but if not then it's your bad luck but you can try other ways if you want.
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    Another trick in the video below


    1. I cant install python3
      Error is coming unable to locate pakage python3 is showing on screen

    2. SyntaxError: invalid syntax when trying to type "sudo python instagram.py -h"

    3. In this program one error comes
      Check your word list path

    4. Sir I need help or finding my account I have forgotten my mail and password and also I lost my mail how can I get my account from Kali Linux is there any process of hacking without creating phishing or etc this wordlist doesn’t Woking what I have to do

    5. I need my account at anycost sir please help me as soon as possible


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