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    How To Bypass Windows Login

    🔰Bypass Windows Login🔰


    - A USB or CD

    - A computer where you can access BIOS, pretty much any computer

    -Kon-boot ( i can not provide you with the download link in case of viruses but search it up. Latest version is 2.5.0 that works on windows 8 and 10, haven't tried it yet but it does definitely work on windows 7 and below )

    Step 1: 

    After you have downloaded Kon-Boot, and after deleting and formatting your USB leaving nothing in it, extract the file inside the USB and run the .exe file. Once that happens your CMD should open asking you to prsess the letter of the driver you want to install Kon-boot on. Just go on '' My Computer '' and check the letter next to your drive, most likely it would be F:/ so just click F and enter the files should be installed in your driver ( Whether CD or USB )

    Step 2

    Now that you have the files inside the USB your bypassing windows method is ready. Now all you have to do is :

    - Plug the USB into the computer you want to bypass

    - Once the logo of the computer ( brand ) comes up, go to BIOS settings. The key to go there should be mentioned at the bottom of the screen ( WARNING: This screen part will skip pretty fast so be fast to get the keys or search it up to know which key you need to click for the laptop's target for a faster and non restarting more than once the computer )

    -Once there, you can only use your keyboard ( arrow keys ) to navigate through the menu. Search for a boot directory or boot set up or boot start up any of these kind with word '' boot '' go there and it will eventually ask you if you wish to boot the computer with USB, DVD or any other kind of drivers. If your data ( Kon-Boot ) is on USB and you have the USB plugged it click '' boot from USB '' if you have the data of kon boot saved in CD and you have the CD inside the laptop click '' Boot from CD '' 

    - Now that you have asked the laptop to boot from CD or USB all you have to do is wait, you will most likely get a page with '' Kon-boot '' written and like a matrix form running, once that happens it will take u to the user screen where you choose which user you want to access go ahead and click the one with the password, it will log you in without any password and if it asks for a password just click login without having anything in the password box, it will also log you in.

    How To Change Profile Password? 

    -Boot with Kon-Boot

    -Navigate the Start Menu to Control Panel

    -Select a User Accounts and Family Safety

    -(if the User Account Control window appears) Click “Yes� and leave the password field empty

    -Select “Create a new account

    -Create the account (pick a name) and set the permissions (administrator).

    -Disconnect Kon Boot and restart the computer to restore original Windows authentication functionality.

    -After Restart,  Select your new User Account (the account you have created)

    -Navigate the Start Menu to Control Panel

    -Select a User Accounts and Family Safety

    -Select the target User Account (the one you want to change)

    -Select a Change the password

    -Input the new information for the account and click Change password

    Sʜᴀʀᴇ ᴀɴᴅ sᴜᴘᴘᴏʀᴛ ᴜs

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