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    Myntra carding

    Myntra carding tutorial

    For Carding in myntra you need a Matching CC .

    Requirements: Live CC

    Let's begin to f*#* it:😜

    1. Download Myntra shopping app.
    2. Register in the myntra wallet
    3. For Carding Myntra, you need This Country or This Country Bin. And Connect To Any Free VPN or Socks5 Of That Country
    4. Then Move to Checkout Option
    5. Select Credit/Debit Card Purchase That Country Bin Credit/ Debit Card From Any CC Shop or Contact from Us For Purchasing CC.
    6. When You Will Be Forwarded To Payment gateway, You Will Be Ask For The Registrations, Click on Register Later.
    7. Voilla, Your Order Success. Go to My Orders, And Cancel That Order.
    8. You Will Get Refund Instantly At My Cashback Point.
    9. One Credit card limit is 4999rs only,
    10. You can use other credit card and Add upto 40K rs in Your One Myntra Cashback point.
    I ain't responsible if anything goes wrong your account is blocked. Its highly working trick.
    Method is verified and works.

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