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    How to encrypt, decrypt PDF files using TERMUX

    How to encrypt, decrypt PDF files using TERMUX

    By Adeyemi

    Following is the list of “ingredients” required for preparing this combo:

    PDF Unlocker
    GitHub Link:


    Step 1: Run TERMUX, execute the following code and Press Enter. The code is:

    $ pkg update &&pkg upgrade &&pkg install python2 &&pkg install git”

    The Result? The mentioned packages are installed in your system.

    Step 2: Type the following code and press ENTER. The code is:

    $ cd peepdf

    Step 3: Now type command
    $ chmod +x peepdf.py
    and Press Enter

    Step 4: Type command

    $ python2 peepdf.py -i

    and press Enter.

    The steps above help in installation of PDF Unlocker in system.

    Now we come to the Encryption part.

    Step 1: After opening the PDF, type command
    $ encrypt Yourpassword
    Here “YourPassword” is Password for PDF file to open.

    Step 2: then type command
    $ save
    and press Enter which makes your PDF Password Protected – a note pops up on your screen describing the same.

    How to decrypt files

    Step1: Open the file again by command:

    open -f /sdcard/FileName.pdf

    and press Enter.

    Step 2: Then type command
    $ decrypt YourPassword
    and press Enter. Password must be the same as set to encrypt the same PDF. In case of problem, PDF Unlocker is always there to help you out.

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